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Don’t Forget The Next Step After Bankruptcy: Rebuilding Credit

Eliminating debt is step one. Bankruptcy has helped many people get most or all debts discharged and get any remaining debts under control once again. But that is not the end of the story. Rebuilding credit is step two – the ticket to a reclaimed financial future. A caring, competent bankruptcy attorney will not let you overlook this essential aspect of bankruptcy.

I am bankruptcy lawyer April Perry Randle in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I have a mission: to help you, if you are struggling with crushing debt, to find a new path forward through bankruptcy if bankruptcy is right for you. My concerns do not end with your bankruptcy discharge. I also want to see you get a handle on how to rebuild your credit afterward.

I’m Here For You All The Way To Debt Relief And Credit Repair

If you become a client of the Law Office of April Perry Randle, PLLC, you can expect personalized advice you can act on through all phases of your bankruptcy filing – including what to do at the conclusion of your case.

The government requires bankruptcy filers to obtain credit counseling before filing and personal financial management training, also called debtor education, after filing. I am here to guide you through the most efficient ways to comply with these requirements. During this process, I will recommend that you take special note of concepts that are most likely to apply to your situation.

Make Smart Choices After Your Bankruptcy Is Over

You may also face decisions right away after your debts are discharged that can have a long-term impact on your financial stability from now on. Things to decide and understand after your discharge may include:

  • Whether to voluntarily reaffirm any debts that were discharged in your bankruptcy
  • Whether to take advantage of offers you may receive in the mail for a new car loan, since lenders may consider you prime “bait,” considering your new debt-free status
  • Whether to get a new credit card and if so, what terms to watch out for – and how to avoid overusing it if you did so with previous credit cards
  • How to monitor your credit score – and how to report errors that may appear on it

Get Back On The Road To Healthy Credit

Get the guidance you need to move toward debt relief and restored credit. Request a  consultation about your debt load and the path to debt relief. Contact me online or call 423-464-6908.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.