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You Can Stop Creditors From Garnishing Your Wages By Filing For Bankruptcy

Are you being targeted for wage garnishment? In Tennessee, garnishment can take up to 25% of your net income straight out of your wages. This is a huge percentage, especially if you have other creditors that are demanding payment from you.

Creditors have the legal right to garnish your wages if they have obtained a judgment against you. This is true even if you set up payment arrangements based on what is reasonable for your household budget. Bankruptcy stops garnishments immediately and allows you to spread your earnings so that everyone can be paid under the terms of a restructuring plan. If you file Chapter 7, it will likely eliminate the risk of garnishment on almost all debts that are discharged in your case.

I am April Perry Randle, a bankruptcy lawyer, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I routinely help my clients stop wage garnishments, resolve debt issues and get fresh financial starts through legal bankruptcy. To learn what I can do for you, call me today at 423-464-6908.

Automatically Stop Wage Garnishment

There are ways to stop wage garnishment in its tracks: File for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Immediately upon filing bankruptcy, a bankruptcy court will grant you an “automatic stay” – a legal action that prevents creditors from calling you at home, harassing you at your workplace or making attempts to collect a debt from you. Creditors will have to negotiate through the law office and the court so that you are free to live and work. After creditors have knowledge of your bankruptcy filing, they are legally required to cease all debt collection activity until the bankruptcy court resolves your filing. Therefore, Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 will prevent future garnishments and direct creditor contact once and for all.

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